I’m Caye.

(an entrepreneur, sailor, designer, mom)

and this is where I document my life as it unfolds.


Is there ever a good time to have another child?

There are two things that have been on my mind recently… among about a hundred others. But two that consume my peace every time I watch Mila, entertain herself while I go about my day. As a recent baby-in-arms-free mom, I constantly experience an unexpected party in my head every time my daughter chooses to walk anywhere by herself, rather than being carried there. It’s not so much that I have terribly important things to do with my arms since they must be free to catch her in case of a fall, hold her tiny hand to cross the street…

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The G-Spot and the food cart you can start in college.

This post is going to ignore food safety regulations – so do your research before you take my advice. If you decide that you still want to pursue this idea do some more research on how your campus deals with student entrepreneurs and their crazy ideas. If you go to an University, it would probably be more complicated to get away with what we did, but if a small liberal college is where you are at, then you probably already know that putting up a food cart on a Sunday afternoon is not a problem at all. So this is…

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Can a credit card fit in a cassette tape?

Two weeks into our relationship, Jaxon had convinced me that I could make goods out of recycled junk I found at thrift stores, mark it up and sell it at our college town’s only “green” store, Bushel and Pecks. After buying a whole bunch of old cassettes, recycled fabric and new zippers I could not wait to get started. On our way back to the dorms I had decided I was going to make wallets out of them, I envisioned the whole thing in my mind and I could already tell they were going to be perfect! Lucky for me,…

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Ready to be an entrepreneur?

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into smaller manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”  –Mark Twain As we are about to start working on our second big venture, Jax and I have been once again diving into entrepreneur literature, reading everyone who-is-anyone’s advice on startups, stories of success or failure  and even Valleywag, Sillicon Valley’s incredibly well written gossip blog. We have devoted hours upon hours of our life to discussing what we learned about investment distribution, time management, stress and partners with Invento…

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I’ll stop being lame…

It has been over two years since we stopped sailing and I feel like one of those people we used run into in marinas (when we were sailing) holding on to their sailing years like their first born child. I refuse to be that lame (ok not all of them were lame! They were with no exception actually very nice… but it would be lame of me to keep writing about that). Yes, one day we will go back to the ocean and from there I will be longing for a hot shower, a washing machine and a life without…

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John, Emma and our life

So, our life is once again changing. With our awesome nanny going back to college, our new endeavor becoming Jax’s full time gig and Mila growing to be an awesome little human being, we have decided to change our daily routine. Jax will now work from a nearby co-working space, giving most of his attention to work, and Mila and I will stay home doing what we do best, cuddle, dance, be mesmerized by the animals at the zoo, baby yoga, baby music classes and gang out with other mama friends. That is one scenario… The other would be finding a new nanny,…

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Randomness of thoughts

Today I just want to write! There is so much to write about! Like the fact that I went to see my mom in Miami for 5 days, or the fact that our awesome friends, John and Emma, have come to visit us all the way from Jordan for a whole month. There is also the fact that our last (well almost last) website will be completed this week and that we will finally start working in our next venture this coming week. There is just so much to write about! Nothing important – just life… Like the fact that…

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Happy one

One year ago today, I was climbing to bed feeling your kicks and shifts. In between dreams and pee breaks, I would look at your changing table, that lay right across from the bathroom, wondering what your face looked like and wishing to meet you before my birthday in 5 days. At around 2:00am I felt my stomach contract and I knew you were coming. We called our midwife to let her know that the contractions had started and she advised that I rest, for the work had just begun. The contractions began every 10 minutes apart, an hour later, 8 minutes apart and by…

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So much love… wedding take 2

I have never been to a more beautiful, fun and relaxing wedding, ever. During the weeks leading up to the event, ourselves and a bunch of our friends migrated to central Wisconsin to help with the all the to-dos leading up to Saturday. By Thursday, the list was almost completely clear and the majority of us were hanging out, talking, drinking beer and chasing Mila. Morgan and Jena, the protagonists of the week, were so chill that it was a pleasure for everyone to go the extra mile and make sure that everything turned out perfect – and it did. Although the groom and…

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Wedding take #1

We spent this week surrounded by some of our bestests of friends. They arrived from New York, Jordan, Vancouver and all around the Midwest to witness two of our pack-mates hold hands, say their vows and make (at least me) cry. When Jaxon and I started talking about having kids he was adamant about having either one child or five (knowing I would not go for five) – we settled on two. The reason behind wanting a single child was because he himself is the only inheritor of the Klein/Davis household. Nonetheless, Jax did not grow up as an only child, his…

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Mastitis in any other situation

For the past three days I have held a steady fever of 99 – 100 F, which this afternoon started to fade. Not feeling too awful, yet not quite alive either, I run up and down to our daughter’s desire. I can feel a small bump in my left breast, which hurts and stinging burning sensation when milk rushes through. Thanks to Google I know that what I have is called mastitis and that with some heat, massaging and pumping it will go away. If the fever persists and the pain increases, then I must see a doctor who will probably prescribe…

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Photo Drop

It is always a pleasure to go back home, speak my native language, savor the flavors I grew up with and admire the mountains. This time around it was very hard to leave, yet I felt content to have found so many of my loved ones smiling about their lives. My mom and her husband Tommy laugh as they correct each other about insignificant details about je ne sais quoi, no one wins, they laugh, hold hands and move on. Their life just flows, adorned with smiles, orchids, tangerine trees and love. Manuel and Antonio, my adorable little brothers, spend their summer playing…

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Personal Space – Ecuador +photodrop

The hugs, kisses, smiles, the touching and the handholding is what makes me homesick the most. The casual personal conversations, the slang, smell, diversity, the music, mess and the mountains. It is easy to forget, when back in the US, that I indeed come from a different culture, a different part of the world and a contrasting reality to the one I now live in. I am blessed and endlessly thankful that I often get to come back to my country and share this world with Jaxon and Mila, for describing its magic would never do its justice. I am…

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16 hours in the car…

It would not be an overstatement to say that I live in a constant emotional panic attack due to how fast my baby is growing. Do not get me wrong, I am terribly excited to see how her personality develops, hear her voice, watch her run and have awesome movie nights and intentional sleepovers. Nonetheless, I’m going to tell you a terrifying story. This weekend we drove a total of 18 hours (no that is not the scary part) and Mila did awesome in the car (this is the cringing moment). What we thought was going to be a trip from hell…

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The night you spun 360 degrees

The night of father’s day and your 10 month little birthday you took mami and daddy for an emotional ride. The air was hot, Chicago had finally decided to join its citizens in summerland – with very little warning. After a failed attempt to stay cool in your crib without your fan going, mami brought you to join us in our maybe-a-degree-cooler room. Even though the three of us were squeezed into the bed, making it a few degrees warmer, you didn’t mind because you were now sleeping with your favorite “stuffed” animals. We stripped you down and said night-night,…

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The New Mango Boat…

I sit in the cockpit of our new boat, Mila is standing in-between my legs trying to balance herself while reaching into a pile of soggy, dirty leaves she would love to taste and Jaxon measures the inside. Beer in one hand, we talk about the very few modifications we want to do to the inside before taking her out to the water. A big space for Mila to safely play is our biggest priority. We particularly chose this boat for its spacious cabin, which divides the inside space in two. A v-berth for Jax and I and a spacious…

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Our new boat

One boat, two boats, three boats, four boats, five boats and a pile of miles later, we have purchased our new sailboat! It is yellow, 18 feet (5.5 meters) long and it fits in our garage. It does not take long for Jax and I to want to pack up our bags and set off for a new adventure. We have discussed the idea of buying an old camper/bus and setting off to explore the Americas. We have talked about a new sailboat to explore the Caribbean and we have wondered about just buying tickets to a country with a…

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The dog beach

Holding tight to Mila’s chunky leg, I breath rapidly as Yana goes to smell yet another dog’s butt hole. Her socializing is not the problem, what I’m hoping does not happen is that Yaku notices it and wants to play too. Which is not a problem until – in a theoretical scenario – the other dog bites one of our dogs too hard, which would cause our dog to react strongly, triggering the best friend 4 ever to go into pack mode and together they butcher the other dog, all while the owner watches as he/she helplessly squeezes their dog’s poop bag. THIS…

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9 months

18 months ago you were merely a bunch of cells defining and dividing. Now, you love broccoli, think crawling is a complete waste of your time, babble papa all day and mama when sad and consider Yana, our dog, pretty much your best friend – the love is mutual. In those 18 months, mom and dad’s hair has grown some inches, we have put on and shed some pounds and have cut our nails various times. You dear, have gone from measuring nothing, to 30 long inches, from not having any bones to showing 8 1/2 proud teeth and gained 27…

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My first mother’s day

My first mother’s day was absolutely perfect! We celebrated a day early, for the forecast was suppose to be much better Saturday than Sunday. It started out with the most incredible surprise ever (actually two)! Mila, while we were sleeping, logged into Amazon and bought me a Canon 5d Mark II (the best camera in the world! And one that I’ve been salivating over for more than 3 years – how she knew that is a mystery). She made sure to get me a used one in good condition so that I would not be totally intimidated to walk out…

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To my mom

In my life my mom, Maria Margarita de todas la más bonita, has taught me – How to look at any object, wall and space like an open canvas craving to be made beautiful. How to sit in a table lined up with complex layers of dishware and not get sweaty palms. How to make orchids survive indoors. She has shown me – That any food can be made into an unforgettable meal with just a little tasting and instinct following. That nothing gets better than a mom’s warm hug. That what people say sometimes is better off left ignored.…

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Once upon a time

There is really nothing quite like the smell of summer. The lightness of the air carries away any concerns that occupy my mind, the breeze is so gentle, it embraces my body and for a moment it feels like my skin and the air are one. In this silky world, I can’t help to be swept away into memories of the Dominican Republic when I was a kid. The sound of leaves dancing in the wind, turn into waves splashing in the shore. I look around and my sister holds my hand, while we play in the sand and eat…

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My Parents in Law

I can truly say I have the coolest parents in law. Although bragging about ones in-laws is not common a thing, I have a lot to say about mine. For starters, they raised up Jaxon. So with no further corniness, you can all assume they did the most incredible job raising my husband. I can also go on about what incredible in-laws they are, but I am not here to write about that. I have gathered my thoughts today to tell you about their home, their lifestyle and their skills. Luckily for Jaxon, his parents and most of their friends would indeed…

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Baba, mama, papa, dada are some of the babbles Mila shared with my sister, mom, uncle Soki and I during our time in Miami. If you were to ask my sister, she also taught her how to miau like a cat, neigh like a horse and do ojitos. Mila and I had the pleasure of spending three days with my mom at the beach, eating amazing food, shopping, cuddling and laughing lots. Since Mila was born, the three of us have talked through facetime almost every single day, which meant that this time (now that little chunks’ is more aware), she…

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Love letter – Dear Jaxon:

Its been a while since I last wrote you a love letter and even longer since I made one public. Yet our distance inspired me to finally put down in words, feelings that have long lived in my smile. We have been seeing each other’s faces 24/7 for 5 years, 8 months and 3 days. In all of that time, we have only been separate for about 23 long days. Today, we sit apart yet I type in peace. Since my trip begun, I have been terribly busy admiring my mom’s smile, our daughter’s attempt to babble words and my…

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