2 years & 4 months party

Yesterday was a celebration day at our house. Mila turned 4 months old and the pups 2 years old! It is hard to believe time has gone by so fast! For the pups bday we got them big bean bags to replace their old beds. When they were young they used to share a bean bag chair as their bed at my dad’s place. Now they can each barely fit on their own. We also went for a long walk … read the rest...


Mila & the third trimester

I sit looking out at the Atlantic ocean from our home office, contemplating how for the first time in many months my work to-do list is not two pages long and surrounded with whale sketches suggesting I’ve been avoiding my duties. To my right I have Jaxon tapping rhythmically on his keyboard, managing way too many projects and a whole bunch of people. He laughs as he and our sexy-accented British marketing director Hari joke about olive skinned women and … read the rest...


Back to the vet… for the night

Tonight will be the first night that Yaku and Yana sleep away from Jax and I since we got them. They are spending the next 18 hours at the vet hospital due to complications in their surgery-wounds. Both of them started to retain liquids and the area around the their stitches swelled up a lot.

The doctor said two different names to describe each of the dog’s condition, however the reason was the same – too much activity. He did … read the rest...


It won’t get any easier?

I think few posts have sparked so many answers from moms as this last one. Jax and I have laughed and almost cried with many of the replies via facebook and email. They all were different, yet the one thing they all had in common was something like the following phrase “It does not get any easier”. Well, I think I am now legitimately afraid of being a mother – not in a bad way, but rather in a more … read the rest...


Our family drama, Yana is hurt & Caye cries!

After yesterdays and today’s events, I have concluded I am not fit for being a mother. Jax, mentioned on yesterday’s post that Yana had gotten lost after her surgery in our “backyard”and that I had teared up. Well, that is only moderately true. I cried my eyes out imagining everything that could had happened to our drug-induced puppy.

Today, I could not spoil the pups more! I gave them buttermilk after making butter, three bones, lots of food, milk, an … read the rest...


Chop chop

Today was a tough day for the puppies. It started out fine, around 6 am, with a nice ride in the car – a favorite activity of theirs. They were a bit hungry because they had not been allowed to eat since lunch the day before, but handling it fine. Anyway, everything was going great for Yaku and Yana. We dropped Manuel and a friend off at their schools and headed over to the Veterinary clinic, where Yaku and Yana … read the rest...


Our dogs and the table – a love story

The last few days have been spent working on exciting new projects, that will be launched soon. We have barely left the house in 72 hours and it looks like we have been permanently to our couch – aka the office at the moment. Our dogs on the other hand have been very active, going and coming from the “yard” aka the whole farm. Yaku has learned to open the door and Yana is in the process of learning how … read the rest...


The poodle fear!

As mentioned before, our days are mostly filled work, however we do make sure we go outside to take short walks at least twice a day. Today, during our “break hours” we went to get the 100 pound bulk bag of whole wheat and regular flour we ordered from Zuleta’s kitchen’s bulk ingredient provider. We also dug around in old storage sheds to find old 10 gallon milk cans to store the flour in.

In the last few days we … read the rest...


Gardening half-day

Yesterday was our first day (well half/day) dedicated to our garden, I had spent a couple hours poking around but nothing serious. I was excited to do this, because after digging around the field (that will be occupied by our vegetables in a future) I have found out that it used to be the dumpster for the last family who lived in La Casita. I always though it looked a little trashy, plastic bag corners poking out, candy wrappers, and … read the rest...


Not a very good day

Today was not a particularly good day at all. I started out angry due to “the who knows what was on the mind” of the constructor of our house when they did the electrical wiring. Nothing made sense, black electrical tape connected exposed and disorganized cables throughout the kitchen. The switches to the lights were at head height and the light fixtures where attached with giant nails – bent in half to hide how giant they were. Due Jaxon’s attempts … read the rest...


One sick puppy

Good morning world. This is going to be one of those “internet generation” updates where I tell the “entire world” about what I ate for breakfast and the color of socks I chose to wear for the day – or the “why do these youngsters think they WE WANT to know about this stuff?” theme. (looking at you Caro;)

So, as Caye mentioned yesterday, she was out of commission for most of the day yesterday. Just feeling miserable, aching, flu-ish, … read the rest...


Meet Yaku and Yana – our puppies

Meet our two new puppies. They are siblings, born to the same mother and we suspect the same father as well. They can best be described as, 50% Golden Retriever, 50% who knows what, they are 10 weeks and 1 day old and adorable. Jax and I swore to not have any more pets after our hedgehog Mochila, we even mentioned this on the blog a number of times, but one look at these puppies and I was sold. Jaxon … read the rest...

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