Small Boats

Sailing Charlie’s 19 footer VaLaura and waiting for the call

The drive down with Susan was great. When we arrived to Charlie’s office, also a marina and boatyard, and we found Charlie and his staff laughing nervously. They apparently had escaped tragedy when putting  VaLaura in the water. VaLaura is a Cape Dory Typhoon, a very cute boat with a full keel. Somewhere, Charlie had read that this type of boat was sometimes launched from a hook located in the middle of the boat, right before the companion way. Because … read the rest...


Thinking about heads/toilets for the Ranger 28

Let me just start this one out by telling you all that we are SO STUPIDLY EXCITED about getting our Ranger 28. We will be in Door County, WI early Saturday to meet the owner, pay and search for any accessories and the dozen plus sails in his attic. WOW, this is happening! We have been talking about it since the day we met and it is happening now – right on schedule – three years later:)

Assuming all goes … read the rest...


Sailing Papaya, small tragedy strikes!

I wish I could visually tell you the end of our three day Alcort Sailfish building adventure! but we lost the camera!!!! luckily not our big Cannon but the little one that had all the photos from sailing and the last stages of the project! Isn’t that a tragedy! I don’t know how to explain this without getting upset. So… you know when you see something somewhere, where it shouldn’t be and you think…. wow I should really move that… read the rest...


Homebuilt rudder & centerboard for Alcort Sailfish Sailboat (part 2/3)

(Part 1 of this quick series described researching and preparing for this project. It is available here: Homebuilt rudder & centerboard for Alcort Sailfish Sailboat (part 1/3) )

Building the rudder, centerboard and tiller

The actual build process for these three parts was actually pretty straightforward. We traced our cardboard cutouts onto 3/4 inch plywood added about a 1/4 inch all around (for the bevel), beveled the edges with a electric planer, refined the edges with a handheld sander (medium … read the rest...


Homebuilt rudder & centerboard for Alcort Sailfish Sailboat (part 1/3)

Caye and I just put the finishing touches on a quick DIY rudder, tiller, centerboard and all related hardware for our Alcort Sailfish sailboat. For a quick overview of the boat and how it came into our possession, see Introducing Papaya, our Alcort Sailfish.

The research, design and build process was spread over three partial days in mid-June. I am including the key bits in detail in three short posts. Caye also posted a number of the nicer … read the rest...


Cutting, welding and painting the rudder, tiller and center board

June 12 we woke up an went right to work on our job, which is managing our green hosting and web development business. Jackson started this company after graduating from college and when I graduated I joined the team, as a volunteer because I can’t work in US until I file for a VISA change. Anyway that is completely off topic! The point is that after our job we started working on the next steps of our Sailfish. To read … read the rest...


Sketching the centerboard and tiller of our Sailfish

The construction of the centerboard and tiller started with an in depth research that you can read in Jaxon’s “Homebuilt rudder & centerboard fr Alcort Sailfish Sailboat” post. After we came to a conclusion of the estimated measurements of the rudder we imported a photo of one into Photoshop and transformed it to fit in a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. We printed the outline and I traced it into a piece of plastic that we later … read the rest...


First Stages of our Alcort Sailfish Sailboat

Jaxon bought this Alcort Sailfish in 2003. After only a couple months of sailing it, he left the rudder, tiller and center board at Wolf Lake in Almond WI. When he went back to get them, oddly enough they were gone (coming from Ecuador I thought it wasn’t that weird that someone took them, but apparently in little town-village in the middle of Wisconsin that rarely happens)   that was the end of the Sailfish for the moment. For the whole … read the rest...