Sailing safety

Finding opportunity in gale-force winds

Yesterday, Caye wrote about the oncoming 30-50mph winds (or in super-scientific meteorological terms: dark red through pink) and how we were planning to deal with them. This morning, we have a new plan… we’re going to take those lemons and make proverbial lemonade. The plan is motor about 1 mile offshore this afternoon, set both of our anchors and spend the night learning, crash-course style, about anchor dragging, resetting and how to sleep in 6-8 foot waves with 30-50mph … read the rest...


Unexpected stop at Port Washington

Against my better judgement, I’ll write a short summary of our day. This, of course, is parents rated! For those, like us, relatively new at sailing, I would say that 15mph winds from the South with a strong current, not worth it. I am sure that people who have been sailing for years could have had a lovely time, especially because it was warm, but for those of us who are not in a hurry or new to the whole … read the rest...


The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide Review

“The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide” 22nd edition, published by Maritime and Coast Guard Agency of Great Britain in 1998, is a free ebook or purchasable physical book that provides readers with the basic knowledge needed to be prepared for medical emergencies onboard when a doctor is absent. Although mainly catering to large ships, “The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide” offers an undeniably good amount of information about possible human injuries and how to treat them on any kind of boat. It … read the rest...


Safety while underway and inflatable personal flotation devices

Well before finding Ranger 28, we had already added “good life jackets” to our pre liveaboard shopping list. At that point, the only exposure I had to life jacket shopping was what I had done/seen in the little bit of whitewater kayaking I did during my teen years. Kayaking life jackets, as i remember them, were big in the front ant back, not too tall on the abdomen and had lots of neat pockets, straps, clips and general gizmos. Turns … read the rest...