The New Mango Boat…

I sit in the cockpit of our new boat, Mila is standing in-between my legs trying to balance herself while reaching into a pile of soggy, dirty leaves she would love to taste and Jaxon measures the inside. Beer in one hand, we talk about the very few modifications we want to do to the inside before taking her out to the water.

A big space for Mila to safely play is our biggest priority. We particularly chose this boat … read the rest...


Our new boat

One boat, two boats, three boats, four boats, five boats and a pile of miles later, we have purchased our new sailboat! It is yellow, 18 feet (5.5 meters) long and it fits in our garage.

It does not take long for Jax and I to want to pack up our bags and set off for a new adventure. We have discussed the idea of buying an old camper/bus and setting off to explore the Americas. We have talked about … read the rest...


Visit from las tias

48 hours after returning from cheeseland, four of some of our very good friends arrived from Ecuador. I’ve known Delia, Alejandra and Bernarda since my Power Ranger Era and Manuela since I was a dinosaur-looking embryo! The four of them, along with four other girls that are currently dispersed throughout the world, and me have been a tight group since 6th grade. Together, we have been through a lot – of parties – way too many combined breakups, math exam … read the rest...


Mila’s first big roadtrip

Yesterday morning we woke up to the smell of winter. After a chilly night, we could tell that snow was not too far away. It was still dark out and Mila had not woken up to eat yet, even though the clock read 4:30 am – she skipped a meal I thought and we proceeded to wrap ourselves in well deserved layers. After some big hugs, coffee and last minute “oh I forgots”, we drove off from Jaxon’s parents home. … read the rest...


Is Lake Lanier, Georgia our next stop?

What does Lake Lanier have you might wonder. Well, a sailboat. But not just any vessel, a center cockpit, pilot house Corbin 39 (mark II) – our circumnavigating dreamboat (to learn more visit our Corbin 39 page). Only a couple hundred Corbins were ever made and of those, the configuration we are looking for is the rarest. Since we have been researching Corbins, two years now, we have only seen three Center Cockpit, Pilot House Mark II’s go up for … read the rest...


Mumbling out loud, thanksgiving

Last year our Thanksgiving meal was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at 1:00 am, we were exhausted after sailing only 100 miles in 14 hours. The reason for our delay, Zachary the Pirate .

This time around, we were sitting in La Casita in the middle of the Andes. Chris, Sue, Jax and I had planned a small evening event. We did not have very high expectations for the food or anything, but wanted to get together. At around … read the rest...


A year ago

365 days ago we were installing a dorade box in Surkha and cleaning her water tank. We went for a swim, took VaLaura out for a sail in Sturgeon Bay and watch the local regatta. Later that evening we went out for a romantic dinner and bought some books at the local bookstore. Crazy how time flies. The craziest thing is that I can remember all this because of this blog and our photos – thank you Mangolandia.

Today, we … read the rest...


The Pardeys, Quito, Zuleta

Yesterday, we arrived to La Casita, after having had spent a few days in Quito trying to apply for a visa for Jaxon. We will attempt this again Friday, this time it will be a volunteer visa. Photographing Quito is an incredible experience, we are often amazed of all the little details we can find in the city while quickly passing by.

On our drive back we did one of our top favorite things to do, read out loud a … read the rest...


Looking for a sailboat

As you might have read in this blog before, we have started researching our next boat. The vessel that will take us around the world. We recently added a page in the menu dedicated to our research.

So, if you are also looking for a boat, selling a sailboat or are simply curious, take a look. Let us know what you think of the models we have in mind, recommend others that fit into our specifications and enjoy.

read the rest...


Looking for a sailboat

July 2012 we sold our beautiful Ranger 28. Now, we are on the look out for a new boat, one that will take us around the world. We currently live in Zuleta, in a small house in the Northern Andes of Ecuador. We have been here since December 2011, getting our economic situation ready for our circumnavigation. As of now, the plan is to buy our next boat after our wedding on August 2013 and move aboard between … read the rest...


Chillaxing + Sailboats

Our last few days have been incredibly fun, in a personal way. We have had the chance to see a lot of people we missed and see what they are up to. Such as our friends Sam and James who are refitting an old Greyhound Coach style bus from the 1950s be their home and Vinnie and Gina, who are two weeks away from giving birth to their first child! Wisconsin is undeniably hot, but it is not as draining … read the rest...


Selling Surkha today?

Last night, 3 days after posting Surkha on Craigslist, 2 days after being contacted by the first potential buyer, Mike stepped from the dock to Surkha’s decks. He had brought us a bottle of wine as a welcome to Mobile and the South, as he had noted in our phone conversations, that we were both far away from our homes. We didn’t know what to expect inviting this stranger to our boat, to potentially be her new owner, but whatever … read the rest...


Surkha’s surprise

“She’s still floating” Jax said, when we parked the car in front of Surkha yesterday morning. We had driven most of the night, thanks to Martels’s words which kept us awake, and seeing our boat was all we wanted. We walked towards Surkha and hopped into the cockpit. The outside looked very clean, but we could see black mold all around the hatch, ” hopefully this is not a preview of what we’ll see inside” I said. We opened her … read the rest...


sailing around the world planning starts

And we have started!! The boat/sailing research!! We said we will stay in Ecuador for 1.6 to 2 years. 6 months have passed and we are getting ready to start sailing again, this time we are convinced we want to arrive to Denmark on our boat – and we will not be taking the Atlantic Route.

Surkha, our wonderful Ranger 28, will not be taking us there, so we have started to research boats again. Obviously, we have no conclusions … read the rest...


The one week countdown

It is hard to explain how much I’m holding my breath writing this post! Not because I am trying to slowly faint, but because Jax and I can barely concentrate, we can just entertain the thought that in 1 WEEK we will be in Surkha! We have missed our boat so much, even more the water and even more than that, sailing!!! We miss those three thing so much, that we are almost ready to set a date for leaving … read the rest...

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