Projects Ashore

Keeping Busy

Our last two days in Ecuador where awesome. Mila got to meet my Plaza family in a tea party, hang out with our friends in a help me watch the baby while we pack party and hug grandma lots of times before parting. (All of which photos have randomly disappeared from our camera!)

Since we got back we have been nonstop! Setting up the apartment, hosting awesome Willow who came to snuggle with Mila last weekend, organizing, consolidating and shrinking … read the rest...


Fence up and ready to move!

We spent a good portion of this weekend getting the new house ready to move. Fortunately, we have our “vacation” rental for another 8 days, so we can take it relatively easy. Our first to-do in the house was to add fence to the only non-fenced sections of the backyard for dog-proofing! Saturday we bought all materials needed for the project and Sunday Jax started the construction, while I cleaned up stairs.

While we were busy getting the house ready, … read the rest...


Selling Surkha today?

Last night, 3 days after posting Surkha on Craigslist, 2 days after being contacted by the first potential buyer, Mike stepped from the dock to Surkha’s decks. He had brought us a bottle of wine as a welcome to Mobile and the South, as he had noted in our phone conversations, that we were both far away from our homes. We didn’t know what to expect inviting this stranger to our boat, to potentially be her new owner, but whatever … read the rest...


Chop chop

Today was a tough day for the puppies. It started out fine, around 6 am, with a nice ride in the car – a favorite activity of theirs. They were a bit hungry because they had not been allowed to eat since lunch the day before, but handling it fine. Anyway, everything was going great for Yaku and Yana. We dropped Manuel and a friend off at their schools and headed over to the Veterinary clinic, where Yaku and Yana … read the rest...


house # 3 – detecting a pattern

Finally! Finally, we had a day to just dedicate to making this house nicer, prettier, more comfortable, warmer, less mouse-filled and just generally homier.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about what seems to be a bit of a theme in our lives. Hardware stores. More specifically, visiting hardware stores every couple days for months, while making a home. If you’ve been following along here since last summer, you’ve probably picked up on this pattern a bit as well.

12 months ago, … read the rest...


weekend photodrop +

Countless times this weekend I wanted to sit down and write some words about everything we were doing, but our internet took most of the weekend off and we were stuck out of the cyber world – this is probably why we got so much done around the house. It would take me the whole morning to detail everything we did and due to our lack of internet the last few days, I have a page long to-do list of … read the rest...


An afternoon with Don Lluki, Don Santos and a gallon of Chicha

It has now happened often that I run into people and they ask me “where’s Mr. Jaxon (or el gringo or Jaki) ” and I reply, “with the maestros in the mechanics’ (shop)”, people laugh and make some comment about how I lost him now he’ll become a maestro. Indeed, every afternoon for the last week Jax has been going to the shop to talk, drink Chicha and work with the maestros to finish some of the projects they … read the rest...


Real first night & day at la casita

I write these words from the comfort of one of our couch/benches. Beside me I have a working Jaxon, below, two sleeping puppies, to my right, barley in the process of being malted/dried, behind, a kind-of messy kitchen, yet usable, and to on the horizon a clean living room with two hanging hamacas (hammocks), our dog’s bed and their toys scattered around the floor. Yesterday, we came back to la Casita after a few days away. I had had … read the rest...


first night in La Casita

For the last three days we have been putting in long hours into getting La Casita to livable state. Yesterday, we spent our first night here and although there are still lots of things that need to fall into place, it felt like home. My night was not as restful as I had hoped due to this virus that is still occupying my body, nonetheless waking up in our bed with a beautiful view of the mountains made me feel … read the rest...


Cleaning and furniture day… tomorrow?

Today was a big, long, full day. We started out early by weighing a barley sample we ordered from a local farmer and submerging the grains in water for the first part of a 3-part steep that will prepare the barley for germination, kilning and eventually testing for viability as a beer “base malt”. Exciting stuff.

After breakfast and brewing science time, we drove circles around Zuleta picking up bits of furniture (mostly Fernando and Caro’s old stuff) from the … read the rest...


Moving to la casita tomorrow!

These last few days Jax and I have mostly spent them in bed working, not because the locality was so comfortable, but rather due to a virus that has left us sleepless for sometime now. Everyone we know in the farm has come down with some sort of virus. Other than just regular work, we have been working on our wedding planning. I have been designing invitations, a “save the date” and a colorful document filled with themes, photos and … read the rest...


The perfect pizza and a day away from moving in!

Yesterday was divided in two, Ibarra and pizza being the main two categories. After a late start to our morning, we all quickly started working on taking the sand out from inside of the mud oven. Within 40min of digging, the sand was out and a fire was started. Without realizing it was already 1:00pm and we were all kind of hungry, so we hopped in the car and drove to Ibarra for lunch and to run some errands. In … read the rest...


Cayambe views and finishing the oven

Thursday evening was spent with my mom and sister, we drank wine, ate pizza and chatted. The next morning my mom surprised us with some old kitchen stuff that she wanted to lend us for la Casita. After some work and lunch we were on our way back to Zuleta, with only a couple minutes to spare before pico y placa. A delay on delivering the car before it could no longer be on Quito’s streets for the evening, … read the rest...


Moving to La Casita on Monday?

Caye and I just got back from a great two hour, night-time brainstorming session in la Casita. We imagined, planned and got excited about the space and how we are going to use it. The dogs played with the construction materials the whole time and we ended with a totally stunning walk back to the other house, under a picture-perfect Milky Way.

Rewinding though, we were up at 6:30am this morning and by 1pm, we had visited the construction site … read the rest...


Building barbecue, bread oven and 4×4

This morning, we were awaken by the smell of panela syrup, cinnamon, crepes and bacon. As we enjoyed the different smells, we discussed our life, different business and projects. Soon enough my brothers made their way into our room, making sure we knew breakfast was almost ready and that we should wake up. As we ate, Carolina my step-mom, my dad, Fernando, Jax and I discussed which would be our weekend project. After a series of options, building a barbecue/bread … read the rest...

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