Photo Drop

It is always a pleasure to go back home, speak my native language, savor the flavors I grew up with and admire the mountains. This time around it was very hard to leave, yet I felt content to have found so many of my loved ones smiling about their lives.

My mom and her husband Tommy laugh as they correct each other about insignificant details about je ne sais quoi, no one wins, they laugh, hold hands and move on. … read the rest...


Personal Space – Ecuador +photodrop

The hugs, kisses, smiles, the touching and the handholding is what makes me homesick the most. The casual personal conversations, the slang, smell, diversity, the music, mess and the mountains. It is easy to forget, when back in the US, that I indeed come from a different culture, a different part of the world and a contrasting reality to the one I now live in. I am blessed and endlessly thankful that I often get to come back to my … read the rest...


A week in the wilderness

“I don’t think anyone will believe me” was my brother Antonio’s response when his mom asked him if he’ll tell his friends he met his niece this week, “I am just too young”. This week we spent it in Andean paradise, surrounded by absolutely wonderful company – my two younger brothers, Manuel (9) and Antonio (6), my dad and stepmom, Fernando and Carolina, and for a few days my sister and her boyfriend, Bernarda and Juan Pablo. It is not … read the rest...


In between paradises

There was silence in the car, I was sitting next to Jaxon who was steering us through the Andes while we talked about life. For the first time since we first crossed from Florida to Wisconsin, Mila dreamed away in her car seat. 40 minutes of snoozing passed and we got worried, for she was breaking a record. I turned around and double checked that she was breathing, anxiously the father awaited a postive response, “she is babe”, we both … read the rest...


Dear Fairy Godmothers:

Today Mila’s eye was caught by a glittery cape hanging loosely on what she thought to be a stranger. With a skeptical look and an extended hand she reached to touch this shinny and strange thing, only to be surprised by a hug and kiss attack, from who she would later learn was her master Fairy Godmother – Julia. Dressed in a beautiful flowery dress, a pink cape and a tiara was my mom’s best friend from childhood, who had … read the rest...


Hola Ecuador

The view from the air looking down on Quito was a different one, no longer were we landing in the middle of an ocean of lights, but rather flying into the East of the city to touch down in the new airport. As I peeked out the window to admire the barely lit Andes, I held my sleeping baby tight, I was landing in Ecuador like I had never before, as a changed woman. Walking out of the airport, I … read the rest...


Surprise baby shower, cancelled flight and leaving La Casita

Our last few days have been a bucket of mixed emotions. Some moments have been extremely fun and others very melancholic. First off, we had an amazing surprise baby-shower! All organized by my best friends and sis. We were not expecting to see a lot of people before leaving and considered ourselves lucky if we got to say goodbye to a few. We had a small dinner planned with some of my friends and sister for Monday night, when we … read the rest...


Our Daughter Speaks Whale

It all started two weeks ago, when baby Mila spoiled us by moving so much. We got used to her flutters joining us for family time at night. Last week, her movements decreased to just a few flutters a day. So, Jax and I were laying in bed one night thinking how we could get her to move. We know that as off a number of weeks ago she can hear activity/voices outside the womb and feel our touch. We … read the rest...


Preparing to leave and Mila

It is hard to explain everything that is going through our minds at the moment. Our business is headed towards stability – yet it is not quite there, we are about to move to a new town that we have never been to, with our two dogs, we need to find a home and furnish it and prepare ourselves for the birth of our first child, Mila. Although each of these things carry their own emotional weight, the addition of … read the rest...


Looking back and looking forward

Yesterday’s night, Jax and I decided to go for a late night walk. A full moon was shinning, our stomachs were full with soup and a Mila and the dogs were anxious to explore the night. As soon as we stepped out of La Casita, it dawned on us that this particular late night walk might be one of our last living here. Instead of being overwhelmed with mixed emotions, we ended up remembering and reliving parts of our trip … read the rest...


Parents visit and more nature

My parents spent two weeks visiting Caye and I here in Ecuador – ending 1 week ago. The trip was great and very laid back. There was a lot of time for our families to just do “normal” things together, rather than lots of touring and touristing. It can be a bit tricky getting these less intense family times in when it takes intercontinental travel for either of our families to visit the other – so we were super pleased … read the rest...


The plan, Mila & Photos

It is hard to know where to start this post. I have not been writing in Mangolandia for a while and knowing what to say and what is irrelevant becomes harder. Our absence started right after we hired Pablo, our company’s CTO and things got really busy at work. That followed by an awful morning sickness, lots of traveling and a growing company left me with no time for photos or writing. Now, things have calmed down a bit – … read the rest...


What does it feel like to be pregnant? (1st Trimester)

I promised myself I would not blog until the Inventando’s website (our company) was up. In the last few months our business has transformed and with it all my attempts to put a public face to it. I was very very close to having a functional page published and BOOOM remodel, rethink, redo x3…  Although all these changes have meant more work, I am actually happy about it because we are headed in wonderful directions.

Now, my part of the … read the rest...


Visa problems… might not be able to come back!

Many of you might remember all the run-around that we had to do to get Jax a visa to stay in Ecuador. The main problems we had were bureaucracy-related. So after months and months of paperwork and visits to various ministries, we finally finished all the processes and called an early victory! A month later we were informed that his visa had been accepted! (visa – check) A couple weeks later (about a month ago), we came back to the … read the rest...


And we are back!

Yes!! It is now December and not only is Inventando running smoothly, but I get to blog again and most importantly I get to take lots of photos. I missed my camera dearly this month and I am ready to start capturing my days with it again.

Exciting things:

Our mini business has become a mid-sized one and it is beginning to run smoothly. There is still lots to do, but we are currently in a very good place. My … read the rest...

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