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Land Travels

Mini update + Photo drop

Between work, Mila and life I have no time to write… So, I’m just going to type the tiniest update ever.

Mila has been weaned for over a month. The transition could not have been smoother for her, I struggled emotionally a bit.

Fridays are spent doing crafts with the most amazing people ever, our great friends Kelly and Rebekah. So far we have done finger painting and Christmas cookies! Hand puppets are to follow and from there the ball … read the rest...


The book everyone should read…

Do your Sunday evenings look a lot like you Monday mornings? 

No – Then, read this book.

Yes, but I wish they did not – Read this book.


Do you wish you could be doing something else, 75% of the time?

No – That’s awesome!

Yes – Read this book.


Do you have a huge to-do list of places and things you want to see or do and have yet to mark 5 things off?

No – Start … read the rest...


Here for 36 hours…

Last week, we were honored with my dad’s presence for 36 hours! He came to Chicago on his way to Amsterdam, followed by Marrakesh, where he will be representing the most amazing eco-resort in the world, Hacienda Zuleta (yes, I’m a bit biased). In Morocco, he will meet top representatives from different high-end tourism destinations, network and attend exclusive parties.

Very few people are invited to this event and for the second year in a row, my dad has been … read the rest...


Is there ever a good time to have another child?

There are two things that have been on my mind recently… among about a hundred others. But two that consume my peace every time I watch Mila, entertain herself while I go about my day. As a recent baby-in-arms-free mom, I constantly experience an unexpected party in my head every time my daughter chooses to walk anywhere by herself, rather than being carried there. It’s not so much that I have terribly important things to do with my arms since read the rest...


I’ll stop being lame…

It has been over two years since we stopped sailing and I feel like one of those people we used run into in marinas (when we were sailing) holding on to their sailing years like their first born child. I refuse to be that lame (ok not all of them were lame! They were with no exception actually very nice… but it would be lame of me to keep writing about that). Yes, one day we will go back to … read the rest...


John, Emma and our life

So, our life is once again changing. With our awesome nanny going back to college, our new endeavor becoming Jax’s full time gig and Mila growing to be an awesome little human being, we have decided to change our daily routine. Jax will now work from a nearby co-working space, giving most of his attention to work, and Mila and I will stay home doing what we do best, cuddle, dance, be mesmerized by the animals at the zoo, baby … read the rest...


Happy one

One year ago today, I was climbing to bed feeling your kicks and shifts. In between dreams and pee breaks, I would look at your changing table, that lay right across from the bathroom, wondering what your face looked like and wishing to meet you before my birthday in 5 days.

At around 2:00am I felt my stomach contract and I knew you were coming. We called our midwife to let her know that the contractions had started and she … read the rest...


So much love… wedding take 2

I have never been to a more beautiful, fun and relaxing wedding, ever. During the weeks leading up to the event, ourselves and a bunch of our friends migrated to central Wisconsin to help with the all the to-dos leading up to Saturday. By Thursday, the list was almost completely clear and the majority of us were hanging out, talking, drinking beer and chasing Mila. Morgan and Jena, the protagonists of the week, were so chill that it was a … read the rest...


Wedding take #1

We spent this week surrounded by some of our bestests of friends. They arrived from New York, Jordan, Vancouver and all around the Midwest to witness two of our pack-mates hold hands, say their vows and make (at least me) cry.

When Jaxon and I started talking about having kids he was adamant about having either one child or five (knowing I would not go for five) – we settled on two. The reason behind wanting a single child was … read the rest...


Mastitis in any other situation

For the past three days I have held a steady fever of 99 – 100 F, which this afternoon started to fade. Not feeling too awful, yet not quite alive either, I run up and down to our daughter’s desire. I can feel a small bump in my left breast, which hurts and stinging burning sensation when milk rushes through. Thanks to Google I know that what I have is called mastitis and that with some heat, massaging and pumping … read the rest...


Photo Drop

It is always a pleasure to go back home, speak my native language, savor the flavors I grew up with and admire the mountains. This time around it was very hard to leave, yet I felt content to have found so many of my loved ones smiling about their lives.

My mom and her husband Tommy laugh as they correct each other about insignificant details about je ne sais quoi, no one wins, they laugh, hold hands and move on. … read the rest...


Personal Space – Ecuador +photodrop

The hugs, kisses, smiles, the touching and the handholding is what makes me homesick the most. The casual personal conversations, the slang, smell, diversity, the music, mess and the mountains. It is easy to forget, when back in the US, that I indeed come from a different culture, a different part of the world and a contrasting reality to the one I now live in. I am blessed and endlessly thankful that I often get to come back to my … read the rest...


16 hours in the car…

It would not be an overstatement to say that I live in a constant emotional panic attack due to how fast my baby is growing. Do not get me wrong, I am terribly excited to see how her personality develops, hear her voice, watch her run and have awesome movie nights and intentional sleepovers. Nonetheless, I’m going to tell you a terrifying story. This weekend we drove a total of 18 hours (no that is not the scary part) and … read the rest...


The night you spun 360 degrees

The night of father’s day and your 10 month little birthday you took mami and daddy for an emotional ride. The air was hot, Chicago had finally decided to join its citizens in summerland – with very little warning. After a failed attempt to stay cool in your crib without your fan going, mami brought you to join us in our maybe-a-degree-cooler room. Even though the three of us were squeezed into the bed, making it a few degrees warmer, … read the rest...


The New Mango Boat…

I sit in the cockpit of our new boat, Mila is standing in-between my legs trying to balance herself while reaching into a pile of soggy, dirty leaves she would love to taste and Jaxon measures the inside. Beer in one hand, we talk about the very few modifications we want to do to the inside before taking her out to the water.

A big space for Mila to safely play is our biggest priority. We particularly chose this boat … read the rest...

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Me refiero a la costumbre de morder renacidin propecia el dedo Esto es un priligy republica dominicana síntoma bastante cialis levitra propecia cortes de pelo cialis 40 mg erectile dysfunction o viagra más propecia minox hair obvio que kamagra jelly 50mg vendo cialis domicilio los otros aspectos de la conducta sobre la que cialis en exceso es malo kamagra en gel se puede tomar viagra a cualquier edad es la cialis que he estado escribiendo por lo ahora, y ciertamente deja huellas muy visibles detrás de él, en la forma de las uñas que a nuestros cialis 10 mg dosis ojos no son atractivas o no puedo, en el presente libro, ir a todas las complejidades de la teoría relativa a los impulsos que subyacen a esta com comparativamente hábito común, desde que estoy aquí ocupa de explicar que es cialis y viagra lo que la psicoterapia puede hacer, y no con cialis entrega 24 horas la teoría y la práctica de entrenamiento terapeutas pero, como ya he mencionado, este hábito es sostenida por muchos tener su origen en los impulsos sexuales, y más recientemente se ha llegado a ser considerado como un signo de agresión reprimida hacia el Sea como fuere, el hábito sigue siendo uno indeseable. 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Los resultados aquí presentados son demasiado pocos para ser utilizado como una prueba positiva en una cuestión tan cialis v viagra importante como esta, pero nos hubiera gustado hacer hincapié en un punto hacia el que inchne, a saber, que la diferencia final entre la aparición de bacilos de la tuberculosis y la prueba de la infección tiene en muchos casos no han aportado. Manos infectadas no sin receta comprar propecia foro cialis original implican más que comprar cialis fiable la possibiKty de transferencia del tubérculo baciUi a otro, un hecho que no tenemos, hasta el momento, estabHshed. 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