DIY – How to make yogurt

Making yogurt from scratch is easy. Is it cost effective? That depends on if you have cheap milk near-by or just how expensive the yogurt you normally buy is. Is the taste going to be better from store-bought yogurt? That depends on if you have tasty natural (aka real yogurt) that is affordable nearby. We decided to begin making our own because we have very affordable milk right here on the farm and unfortunately Ecuador’s yogurt market includes only one … read the rest...


Home-made cappuccino – using only a French Press

This is a quick tutorial for those that love Cappuccinos, but don’t have a Cappuccino machine in the house or do have the machine, but don’t like the drink it produces or it’s broken. For this simple Cappuccino, all you need is a French Press, coffee and milk and a pan to heat the milk.

Based on that intro, you may be inclined to ignore the whole post and assume that you are better off just waiting for your next … read the rest...


Da magical tea!

After a week of sleepless nights, yesterday Jax and I decided to try all the natural the remedies I had been taking throughout the week together. So thyme tea, honey, lime and “Tilo” (I think it is called Stinkwood in English) flower, all together, as one giant pot of tea. After drinking a bunch of this mix, I barely coughed last night and I was able to sleep the whole night! The pups woke me up at around 7:00am  to … read the rest...


Building a small bread/pizza oven

Today, as we were working on the Masonary stove, Jax decided that while we were waiting for Fernando, the maestro, to lay the bricks we could build a temporary bread oven and make some bread for the work crew, their wives that often hang out embroidering and my brothers. My first thought was, no way! But he ignored my comments and proceeded to start his project. I went inside to keep helping the maestros, but they had lit a fire … read the rest...


DIY wine bottle glasses

After a late Friday night conversation and YouTube video marathon with my father, Fernando, step mom, Carolina, and Jax about bottle cutting, Jax, Caro and I woke up Saturday ready to try it out ourselves. We marched to the glass recycling bins at Zuleta and picked up 20 bottles, washed them and set up our own glass cutting station. After a number of tries, many broken bottles, a bit of frustration and lots of laughing, we were almost making perfect … read the rest...


Making a whitebox or caja sin fin

My last few days have been spent taking photos of fruits, for a poster I have been working on for a site we are launching (all about that in about a week). Anyway, since I had to create the white box and learn how to use it, I thought I might as well share the knowledge.

How to make a white box or caja sin fin:

First you will need to gather you materials:

A large cardboard box
Sharpie or … read the rest...


Create your own business cards – DIY

When Jax and I finally came to terms with the fact that we would need “business” cards when cruising, we decided we wanted to do something different than just order a bunch from a random company. We looked at having some made out of recycled paper, but the cost was too high for what they were. After eating cereal one morning, we realized that the cardboard of cereal boxes would make pretty classy business card material. So, that afternoon we … read the rest...


Homebuilt rudder & centerboard for Alcort Sailfish Sailboat (part 2/3)

(Part 1 of this quick series described researching and preparing for this project. It is available here: Homebuilt rudder & centerboard for Alcort Sailfish Sailboat (part 1/3) )

Building the rudder, centerboard and tiller

The actual build process for these three parts was actually pretty straightforward. We traced our cardboard cutouts onto 3/4 inch plywood added about a 1/4 inch all around (for the bevel), beveled the edges with a electric planer, refined the edges with a handheld sander (medium … read the rest...


Homebuilt rudder & centerboard for Alcort Sailfish Sailboat (part 1/3)

Caye and I just put the finishing touches on a quick DIY rudder, tiller, centerboard and all related hardware for our Alcort Sailfish sailboat. For a quick overview of the boat and how it came into our possession, see Introducing Papaya, our Alcort Sailfish.

The research, design and build process was spread over three partial days in mid-June. I am including the key bits in detail in three short posts. Caye also posted a number of the nicer … read the rest...