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Mini update + Photo drop

Between work, Mila and life I have no time to write… So, I’m just going to type the tiniest update ever.

Mila has been weaned for over a month. The transition could not have been smoother for her, I struggled emotionally a bit.

Fridays are spent doing crafts with the most amazing people ever, our great friends Kelly and Rebekah. So far we have done finger painting and Christmas cookies! Hand puppets are to follow and from there the ball … read the rest...


The G-Spot and the food cart you can start in college.

This post is going to ignore food safety regulations – so do your research before you take my advice. If you decide that you still want to pursue this idea do some more research on how your campus deals with student entrepreneurs and their crazy ideas. If you go to an University, it would probably be more complicated to get away with what we did, but if a small liberal college is where you are at, then you probably already … read the rest...


Food & Pregnancy

For all the mothers, mothers-to-be and for me in the future, I wanted to start writing some useful tips about pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting in general, so that if we do end up having another child and as expected my memory fails, I can always look back at what was useful to me with Mila.

Okay so before you read any further, let me make it clear to everyone that this is just based on experience. I am not a … read the rest...


My man’s bread

This post is dedicated to Mark and Ellen, Jaxon’s parents, because they are responsible for making my man into an incredible bread baker.

It all started when Jaxon was born and raised in his parents’ bakery, helping out and taking treats to the Madison farmer’s market. Since then, the bakery was sold, but both parents kept up their baking and eventually Mark and Jackson built an outdoor bread and pizza oven in their back yard. Over the years, Mark perfected … read the rest...


DIY – How to make yogurt

Making yogurt from scratch is easy. Is it cost effective? That depends on if you have cheap milk near-by or just how expensive the yogurt you normally buy is. Is the taste going to be better from store-bought yogurt? That depends on if you have tasty natural (aka real yogurt) that is affordable nearby. We decided to begin making our own because we have very affordable milk right here on the farm and unfortunately Ecuador’s yogurt market includes only one … read the rest...


Home-made cappuccino – using only a French Press

This is a quick tutorial for those that love Cappuccinos, but don’t have a Cappuccino machine in the house or do have the machine, but don’t like the drink it produces or it’s broken. For this simple Cappuccino, all you need is a French Press, coffee and milk and a pan to heat the milk.

Based on that intro, you may be inclined to ignore the whole post and assume that you are better off just waiting for your next … read the rest...


Getting our dairy fix!

Today we picked up our first weekly “box” from Zuleta’s creamery and cheese factory and man were/are we excited. The dairy order went like this:

  • 5 liters (1 1/4 gallons) of unpasteurized whole milk.
  • 1 liter (1/4 gallon) of fresh cream
  • 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) of Zuleta cheese (Pategras and Angochagua)

Even by my measure, that is a lot of cow products, especially considering that neither Caye nor I really drink milk at all. Despite that, we have already used … read the rest...


A weekend – baking, building + photodrop

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. The local weather has been improving a ton recently and we had a really pleasant weekend working with our hands and making tasty foods. The quick version is this – we spent the last three days drying out our trial mud oven, hanging out and chatting with the Zuleteña wives of the maestros that are working on our apartment, moving flooring boards, playing with the dogs, cutting more wine bottles into … read the rest...


Ecuadorian hot chocolate recipe – leche con chocolate

I am about to expose you to the secrete of Ecuadorian hot chocolate… Mozzarella cheese or queso fresco. Yes, indeed we pour our rich chocolate and milk mixture on top of cubes of cheese. After the cup is full, cinnamon decorates the top, making this drink excellent for cold Andean nights. To be entirely honest with you, I have never found this mix that good, but once I exposed Jax to it, he would not have it any other way.… read the rest...

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