Parents visit and more nature

My parents spent two weeks visiting Caye and I here in Ecuador – ending 1 week ago. The trip was great and very laid back. There was a lot of time for our families to just do “normal” things together, rather than lots of touring and touristing. It can be a bit tricky getting these less intense family times in when it takes intercontinental travel for either of our families to visit the other – so we were super pleased … read the rest...


Our weekend trip to Africa

There is a small beach in the Northern coast of Ecuador called Africa. That’s it, just Africa. Once, Caye’s brother told his 3rd grade class that he went to Africa for the weekend and was put in temporary detention for “lying” and sticking to his lie, until his parents cleared up the confusion. That is where we spent this holiday weekend. The trip there from Zuleta only takes about three hours, in which time you descend about 9,000 feet and … read the rest...


A trebuchet success and photo friends

Yesterday was la prueba (the test) of the trebuchet. We started the morning out with waffles, then headed out to the newly constructed “catapulta” to do a couple of quick upgrades before the first shot (and to fix the damage done by a 110 pound counterweight falling 2 meters onto the wooden base and shattering it like glass the day before). The upgrades were good and probably the only reason that the whole thing held together throughout the 3o or … read the rest...


A beautiful morning

This morning I woke up to a dog’s tongue in my mouth – inside my mouth. My flight instinct sent me backwards, where I ran into another lump of fur, which excited by the idea of 4am playtime, began “prancing” on top of my still-dreaming body. Half asleep, I crawled forward, only to get a wet surprise in the nose… and so went the first hour of my day.

It’s taken me about 3 weeks to begin to enjoy this … read the rest...


The Peterson Barn Dance

2012 was another great barn dance year at Heart Rock Farm. This annual party took place on our second to last night in Wisconsin and we used the time connect with everyone we’d missed in our neighborhood visits and other parties and of course to dance. The food was fantastic, the music great (as always) and no one could ask for better company, especially with my four closest childhood friends in town for the weekend.

Highlights of the night were … read the rest...


wedding weekend

This weekend was the wedding ceremony and reception of two good friends from college (and after) Chris and Susanna. Caye and I share a few similarities with these guys that makes getting together all the more fun. First off, we are two Ecua-Wisconsite couples, i.e. Chris and I are from WI and Susanna and Caye are Ecuadorian. We all went to Beloit College and began our relationships there. Although Caye and Susanna did not meet until recently, they realized right … read the rest...


Selling Surkha today?

Last night, 3 days after posting Surkha on Craigslist, 2 days after being contacted by the first potential buyer, Mike stepped from the dock to Surkha’s decks. He had brought us a bottle of wine as a welcome to Mobile and the South, as he had noted in our phone conversations, that we were both far away from our homes. We didn’t know what to expect inviting this stranger to our boat, to potentially be her new owner, but whatever … read the rest...


Chop chop

Today was a tough day for the puppies. It started out fine, around 6 am, with a nice ride in the car – a favorite activity of theirs. They were a bit hungry because they had not been allowed to eat since lunch the day before, but handling it fine. Anyway, everything was going great for Yaku and Yana. We dropped Manuel and a friend off at their schools and headed over to the Veterinary clinic, where Yaku and Yana … read the rest...


New pets and visits from friends

Things are going great. More 18+ hour work days, bread-making, family time and getting to know Caye’s brothers’ new pet Chusco – a guinea pig that until recently, was going to be condor food. Speaking of rodents, Scott Walker won the WI recall election – definitely not ideal, but Democrats took the Senate, which should curb all the ridiculous a bit – not to say that Dems don’t have all their own damn problems at the moment.

On Tuesday, the … read the rest...


Sailing digital boats (video)

A good friend of Caye and I sent us this video today. It’s pretty cute and as a bonus, involves the arctic(antarctic) and sailing – two things quite dear to my heart.

We’ll be plugging back in here shortly, it’s been a long week of work and we’re barely taking time to eat and sleep, more or less post. But, that should all change shortly. In the mean time, enjoy the video and Northern Hemisphere summer.

Thanks Maggie!
read the rest...


Dr Seuss and entrepreneurship

Happy Friday exciting world of doers, thinkers, travelers and workers. You are all fantastic and we really appreciate you tuning in here every day, week or month. Your comments, visits and emails make this fun. Thank you.

Caye and I work a lot. When we were sailing for 8 – 18 hours per day, down the rivers of North America, we most often had our computers open and were creating branding packages, coding new websites or maybe advising on social … read the rest...


An afternoon with the “brothers in law”

So, we have designated Thursday afternoons as “brothers day”. It is when Manuel and Antonio get to come to la Casita, hammock-fight, play iPad games, work in the garden, cook and maybe, just maybe, get some homework done on our couch. For the last few weeks, this brother day, occurred on any or all days of the week after school, but that got a bit disruptive to our working life, so we did a bit scheduling and chose Thursday as … read the rest...


house # 3 – detecting a pattern

Finally! Finally, we had a day to just dedicate to making this house nicer, prettier, more comfortable, warmer, less mouse-filled and just generally homier.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about what seems to be a bit of a theme in our lives. Hardware stores. More specifically, visiting hardware stores every couple days for months, while making a home. If you’ve been following along here since last summer, you’ve probably picked up on this pattern a bit as well.

12 months ago, … read the rest...


Home-made cappuccino – using only a French Press

This is a quick tutorial for those that love Cappuccinos, but don’t have a Cappuccino machine in the house or do have the machine, but don’t like the drink it produces or it’s broken. For this simple Cappuccino, all you need is a French Press, coffee and milk and a pan to heat the milk.

Based on that intro, you may be inclined to ignore the whole post and assume that you are better off just waiting for your next … read the rest...


Getting our dairy fix!

Today we picked up our first weekly “box” from Zuleta’s creamery and cheese factory and man were/are we excited. The dairy order went like this:

  • 5 liters (1 1/4 gallons) of unpasteurized whole milk.
  • 1 liter (1/4 gallon) of fresh cream
  • 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) of Zuleta cheese (Pategras and Angochagua)

Even by my measure, that is a lot of cow products, especially considering that neither Caye nor I really drink milk at all. Despite that, we have already used … read the rest...

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