The story:

We started this blog right before we hopped into our first sailboat and headed from  Wisconsin to the Gulf of Mexico. With very little sailing experience (or what some would call none) we created this virtual journal so our parents could sleep at night.

December 2011, after six months of indulging in the sailor’s life, we flew to Ecuador (where I am from) for a quick hot-shower, healthy food and land sleeping break ( also called Christmas break at one’s parent’s home).  There we found ourselves in an Andean village surrounded by way too many active volcanoes and decided to stay.

In Ecuador we gave into cuteness, ignored our parents’ advice and got two dogs. After a year and 6 months in Andean paradise, we had two options 1. move back to our boat and start our circumnavigation or 2. have kids, be sedentary for a bit and start a world changing company. We chose number 2 so that we can circumnavigate with the kids. So we got pregnant, 6 months after that, we packed the pups, our bags and flew to St. Augustine, FL to live by the ocean (where Google told us we would love to live – once again the internet was right.)

Mila arrived August 15, 2013 in our home next to the ocean. In January we decided to pack up and head to Chicago, where we are now, to work on a tech startup we wanted to cofound with pretty awesome woman who lives here.

Shortly after arriving here we began the process of downsizing our web design/marketing company (Invento Media) which had paid our bills until then and started our second (registered) company (Keyo, Inc).

In July 2015 we welcomed Ella to our family. Our life currently is hectic, two kids and startup and two dogs… but we love it keeps us busy.


In short: We are a young entrepreneur couple living life out of the ordinary. We are the parents of two smart, strong and unbelievably fun little girls and two goofy dogs. We are passionate about the interception of technology and positive change, so when not out adventuring we are working on that.