I am sitting in bed typing one-handed once again. My left arm holds my new baby while my right one tries to describe this feeling that I once felt before, infinite unconditional love. I smell her head and kiss her frown. I am so lucky, I live among two sources of endless inspiration – my two daughters.

Ella’s birth was not easy, yet it was fun – or partially at least – all thanks to my three companions, my mom, sister and Jaxon. In total it lasted 39 hours. I did 29 hours of early labor, meaning I would get a contraction every time I stood up or did something active. The last 10 were of a minute-long contractions, every 3-5 minutes. Of those 10 hours, the last 20 min were very intense. My water broke, I rushed to the birthing tub and 10 minutes later Ella was born.

I was so fortunate to have my mom and sister here for the whole ride. During early labor they sat with me at home, ordered food and made sure I was having a great time relaxing. Once labor got more intense, my sister’s sense of humor kicked in, as she played (and sang) YouTube songs from our teenage years. We had a great time remembering how much each boyfriend had made us cry and singing many songs that do no favor to humanity. We all laughed between contractions and during them Jax was a champ. He remembered from last time not to talk to me during those incredibly long 60 seconds of pain and was an incredible support in every way.

As the early morning progressed, I got more and more tired and probably a lot less pleasant to be around, but my mom, sister and Jax made me feel so loved. There were three midwives (two were assistants/in-training) with us in the room. They too were very supportive, patient and helpful. At 3:26 am Ella was born – this time we have it on tape! My mom recorded it as it was happening!

Mila miraculously stayed asleep through most the commotion and at 5:30am, she woke up and joined us in the living room, as Jax, her and I observed the midwives do their newborn exams. She absolutely loves Ella and we are crazy for both of them.

My family is complete and I could not be more at peace.


Below a mix of photos, some from before the birth, some from the birth (taken by my mom) and after.

ella ella1 ella4 ella2 ella3 ella6 ella7 ella11 ella5 ella8 ella9 ella10 ella12