Yesterday and today we have been exploring Saint Augustine, which so far has surpassed our expectations. The downtown is coated with old mostly original mid-nineteenth century European style buildings, independent stores and the beautiful Flager College’s campus. South of the city, there is an incredibly fun residential area, full of colorful houses and green spaces. We are hoping to find a home in this neighboorhood, we’ve heard wonderful things about its community. Other than admiring the beautiful composition of the city and drooling over the sailboats at the local marina, we also noticed a lot of museums and interesting attractions to explore. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side yesterday, so we mostly toured neighborhoods in our car. After getting to know the downtown and surrounding area, we drove through Anastasia Island’s neighboorhoods looking for houses for rent. Our day ended with a chilly visit to the beach, which we repeated today, and a nice dinner.

Our friend Broegy came from WI to visit us, driving our car all the way from Jax’s parents home to Anastasia Island. We have been enjoying his company a lot. Hopefully he gets some sun before returning to the still snowy northern state. This Wednesday we have our first appointment with our midwife, which we are super excited about!

Lots more photos of the city to come… I just have to wait until the weather is a little bit nicer so that we can do a more thorough walking tour.