It is hard not to feel overwhelmed by the beauty of the singing hills of Zuleta. It is even harder not feel like the luckiest human beings alive after having had spent an afternoon photographing families in its village. Today and yesterday, we can proudly say we did something we had to do and enjoy, working, and something we absolutely adore, photographing people, listening to stories and awkwardly trying to make our subjects as comfortable as possible to the sounds of our shutters shushing away. We were bathed with laughter from kids who after seeing the photos would tease each other and pose. We were given weird looks by parents who, incredulous of our art, stared at the camera and beyond. We noticed in one case a broken family bond that challenged our final product.

Our venture of the last two days and the days to come is part of a new initiative we are starting, called “A photo, A family” (maybe). After some discussions with community members, we have come to learn that the majority do not have a single printed photo of their loved ones. The democratization of technology, such as cheap cellphones with cameras and digital cameras, has helped them a lot with having some photos of their families, but these are often owned by the young generation and rarely printed. While the parents and grandparents, more often than not, have only their memory to rely on. As photography addicts who have much to be grateful for in this community, Jax and I wanted to see if we could at least put some photos up on walls before our departure.

When we first mention our idea to people, they timidly ask for the price. When we tell them it is free, they excitedly invite us. The adventure started yesterday and after going through more than 200 photos we analyzed what we could do better. Today, we improved and once again discussed our faults, tomorrow we will apply them and see what happens. This is a learning opportunity for us, but it is also a family’s portrait, so the pressure is on. Tomorrow we will find out how much it will cost us to print these and see how we can finance this venture.