busy busy days

We are currently working on the making off close to 10 websites, which means Jax and I have been mostly staring at our screens for the last couple of days. It is hard work, but we could not be happier about our location and work schedule. In the background we have  the beautiful voices of Etta James, Carla Bruni, Carlos Barboda Lima, Adele, Zee Avi, Jo Stafford,Pearl Django, Dan Newton’s Cafe plus many more. All their melodies turn La Casita into a sort of French Cafe setting. The warmth of the masonry heater keeps us comfortable and the constant intake of warm green tea keeps us going. Other than working, we have done just a couple of other interesting things, starting by the bottling of our beer yesterday night, which involved the whole family. Lots of laughing and a wet floor later, we had 42 bottled bottles of a some-what interesting honey ale.

We also had a meeting about the future of the non-profit that the Hacienda runs, Fundación Galo Plaza.  A very excellent woman, Ximena Pazmiño, who has worked on multiple community-focused and environmental conservation projects, is stepping in to head the foundation. This is incredible news for me, because I want to work with the local community in some health and environmentally related projects and it will be amazing to be able to work along with her and learn from her experience. I am really looking forward to see and be part of what will happen with the nonprofit once we start defining new projects.

So, not much more than that – life is good, we are in love and gaining some of the stability that we have been long waiting for. We can just feel it – great things are going to happen.



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  1. Morgan Pease

    Oh man Etta James, computers, green tea, french cafe, and making your own beer… you guys are soooo hip!

  2. Morgan Pease

    Jackson Klein shit I forgot about the hedgehog! Yes to skype, I'll be around for the rest of the night.

  3. Jane Crawford Peterson

    sweet new foal.
    more fond of the drill holder.
    most fond of the 'in love'.

  4. naaa!! I think my dad (@Fernando Polanco Plaza) wants to send it back. Hey, maybe next time you guys come? I'll just be the drill, a box of bids and it's box hahaha

  5. We've been using that drill a lot lately. It works great. Nice bits too! As a side note, none of the drills that maestros use, have chuck keys and the only way they tighten or loosen the bits is with a flat blade screwdriver and a hammer. I had to borrow one of their drills yesterday and now I'm a pro and screwdriver bit removal:)

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