Cleaning and furniture day… tomorrow?


Today was a big, long, full day. We started out early by weighing a barley sample we ordered from a local farmer and submerging the grains in water for the first part of a 3-part steep that will prepare the barley for germination, kilning and eventually testing for viability as a beer “base malt”. Exciting stuff.

After breakfast and brewing science time, we drove circles around Zuleta picking up bits of furniture (mostly Fernando and Caro’s old stuff) from the countless storage sheds scattered around the farm. We made one trip after another up the muddy path to la Casita with boxes and benches in hand. Our last big job before lunchtime was to dissemble a futon frame in el Molino (the water mill) and pack it, the mattress and various other household things, all up into the car. This was a big undertaking, but went surprisingly smoothly and we even got the car back to the house before the daily 2pm downpour started.

After a great lunch of make-your-own sandwiches with freshly roasted veggies and oven-roasted tomatoes, we headed back to la Casita to begin a thorough cleaning. The biggest item on the to-clean list was the wooden floor on the ground-level. When we first saw la Casita 2 months ago, the floor was completely black with decades of built up grime, soot, mud, etc. After 2 months of construction in the house, lots of muddy boots and a 2-day battle with a sander, the floor was beginning to look like wood, but still had a residual grime that gave a “muddy feeling” to the whole place. Today’s attack involved sweeping, scouring (on hands and knees) with steel wool, vacuuming, scrubbing with water and a hand scrub-brush and mopping. This combination definitely helped the room out a lot and once dry tomorrow, we’ll see how the finished product looks and work from there.

A couple of items are still missing from the house before we feel like moving in. Namely, the bed frame is still in the car, the refrigerator and stove need to be moved and we need to add a gas tank to the water heater. That’s pretty much it. Everything else can get organized once we are living there. Tomorrow, we¬† will work hard to tie up loose ends and who knows…?