Meet our two new puppies. They are siblings, born to the same mother and we suspect the same father as well. They can best be described as, 50% Golden Retriever, 50% who knows what, they are 10 weeks and 1 day old and adorable. Jax and I swore to not have any more pets after our hedgehog Mochila, we even mentioned this on the blog a number of times, but one look at these puppies and I was sold. Jaxon was not so sure (he is more focused than me), Morgan’s puppy eyes made him think it might be a good idea and a long conversation about our priorities plus some puppy time convinced him all the way. Is it a good decision? Who knows, but we are willing to try it out.

Meet Yaku, which is water in Quechua. He is male, born in Hacienda San Jose – Amaguaña. He is golden with dark brown stripes, has bright blue eyes and sleeps whenever he is petted. He enjoys taking any toy, bone or leaf away from his sister.

Meet Yana, which means loved one in Quechua. She is a female, also born in Hacienda San Jose – Amaguaña. She is dark brown with golden stripes (the opposite of her brother), has a white nose and bright blue eyes. She is a guard dog and is always alert and ready for action with every sound. She likes hiding every toy she gets.