December 2011

New Year festivities in Zuleta (part 1) and photo drop

This Thursday, our friends Morgan and Jena (tiger in our car) arrived to Ecuador to see us and travel throughout South America. The day after, we took off to Zuleta, my family’s farm, for the festivities and here we are. We have spent the day riding bikes throughout the farm, showing Morgan and Jena, everything we have told them about for years. Tonight, is the big new years party, which I will tell you all about later, right … read the rest...


Working, farming, chilling

The last few days have been spent in Zuleta, working, cooking with Caro and my dad, playing with my brothers and deciding what business we will start next that will actually give us money. Well I should say, Jax is deciding the business and I am helping with execution.

As I mentioned in an earlier post we forgot the camera charger, so we decided to try the emergency camera charging method that we did in Colombia – connecting our LP-E5 … read the rest...


Family + Christmas

Since I was a little girl, the 24th of December has been spent with my mom’s side of the family, Anhalzer – Valdivieso, and the 25th with my dad’s side, the Plaza (and not very often with the Polanco family). This year was no exception, although only some Anhalzers celebrated together on the 24th because we had already had our big get together. On the 25th, Jax met the rest of my family, the Plazas. In Ecuador, well Latin America, … read the rest...


Family get together – out til 4:30 am

This year my mom’s side of the family decided to do Christmas a little earlier, because one of my uncles and his family are flying to Chile to spend Christmas there, hiking/trekking. After my Anhalzer get together at noon. We had the Plaza, my dad’s extended family, cocktail competition/pre-Christmas get-together. For this event, each family makes a cocktail, then we all try it and three elected judges decide the best cocktail. There are prizes for the top 3 cocktails – … read the rest...


Secret Santa – Amigas

Wednesday night was my friends get together for Christmas. Every year we do a gift exchange. I have been absent from the last two, so I was glad I could make it to this one. Since I was very young, I have been fortunate in having a really cool and close groups of friends.  Even though we are close, I had not seen many of them for nearly 3 years. The Christmas party went great, we talked about each others … read the rest...


Photo drop + Christmas thoughts

Our last few days have been hectic. Between working and trying to effectively navigate social life, we have neglected the blog. Lots has happened, but of course not all is worth mentioning.

Some of the highlights have been, giving out sandwiches and cookies to homeless children in the street at night. A tradition that my family has kept for various Christmases since I was young. This activity is not only a great opportunity for generosity, but it also brings much … read the rest...


Dear Klein Family:

This post is for you beautiful family! You are all in our minds so often and we have not yet sat down to write a post of how much you guys mean to us and are in our hearts.

Today, Jaxon’s grandma passed away, Laura Klein, a beautiful woman and a very strong soul! She lived her life surrounded by caring family and she passed the same way. Laura’s husband Paul passed away last year and it is comforting to … read the rest...


Four parents y Zuleta

So, here is the deal, I consider myself incredibly lucky, I have four parents and five siblings – granted they are not all blood related, but regardless, they are all loved. When I was eight, my parents got divorced, at that point I had one older sister and two parents. As life unfolded, my parents remarried and reunited with other people. My dad, Fernando, married Carolina, who is my wonderful step-mom and they had Manuel, 7, and Antonio, 3. My … read the rest...


Hitting cruising altitude in Quito

Things are starting to come together now, we have kind of created a work space for us in mom’s office – which has helped productivity, we have talked with most of the people we want to see and scheduled trips and different activities with friends. Yesterday, Jax was able to work a full office day plus, from 8:00 am to well beyond 1:00 am. His work is flowing, which is great, even though we are making some changes to the … read the rest...


Funny-shaped fruits – my 3rd time in Ecuador

At this point in my life, I have spent around 14 weeks in Ecuador – all in the last 3 years. Flying in last night, it all felt familiar, friendly and yes, even a bit like some kind of home. There is still a huge amount I am not familiar with here, my Spanish is mediocre at best and I’m sure I could not find my way from the airport to Caye’s house unaided, but in our final approach, I … read the rest...


I’m home! Quito – Ecuador!!

I’m home! It is 3:36 am and I am laying in bed – in my room. As if time had not flown by, I am wearing my old pajamas, composed of my ex-boyfriend’s shirt and red pants, they do not match – but tonight, I do not care. Today, I saw my dad’s smile as he waited for Jax and I to exit the terminal, I smelled my mom’s perfume as I hugged her – making me realize how much … read the rest...


Riverside, an industrial ride

From the very first day Jax and I started our trip down the Little Calumet River, we were blown away by the beauty yet coldness of the industrial sites that occupied the river shores. All throughout our journey South, from Chicago to Mobile, factories reminded us that we were on a ride down North America’s backbone. Nature played a minimal role, as huge dredging machines maintained the 9ft controlled depth, as if it were assumed that no wildlife lived there. … read the rest...


Free Sailing Wallpaper Monday

Happy free wallpaper Monday! Below you will find your sailing wallpaper downloadable to use in your computer/smartphone. We have edited the photos in two sizes – one for widescreen monitors and one for more squareish monitors (16:9 and 4:3 for those who care about this type of thing). If you don’t know how to change your computer’s wallpaper, this might just be your time to learn. We’ve posted quick and dead easy instructions for downloading the wallpapers and setting them … read the rest...