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November 2011

Loosing an anchor to river gods

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up and everything just flows? The sun seems to rise at exactly the moment you put the water on for coffee, the air is warm enough that you cannot see your breath and the day’s forecast is beautiful. It’s a great day to get a lot done, maybe even sail your boat for 10 or 12 long hours. You fire up the engine, haul up the anchor and… but … read the rest...


Awakened by frost

It is hard to explain today’s sensation when we walked out of the cabin to find our boat covered by frost. On the one hand I was perplexed by the beautiful winter scene, a white, sparkling, thick layer of ice covered every surface of Surkha.  As soon as we stepped out, Jax and I exchanged the camera back-forth trying to freeze the moment, as we floated in a misty sunrise.

On the other hand, I was reminded that Jax and … read the rest...


We are a sailboat again!

Sails are up and we’re heading South. For real this time! We finally got all of the false starts, bad weather, boat problems/projects and mast stepping taken care of and headed out. Well, I guess we didn’t really get the bad weather taken care of – it’s still pretty miserable actually. Rainy and in the high 40s with just enough wind to create waves just tall enough to be uncomfortable… But, that’s beside the point, which is that we put … read the rest...


Walden by Henry David Thoreau

To write a review of Walden, one of Henry David Thoreau’s masterpieces, seems like a daunting task, for his thinking, choice of prose and philosophy deserve months if not years of attention. In this piece I will merely explain some of the themes of the book and about Thoreau.

Walden, was published in 1854, eight years after Thoreau left his cabin, which he built next to Walden Pond in Massachusetts. During the two years spent at Walden Pond, Thoreau scrutinized … read the rest...


1491, Charles Mann

“1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus”, is the child of more than 50 years of ground breaking research and a man, Charles Mann, with the vision and literary disposition to weave facts with soft words. Before starting the 480 pages of this book, the reader must be prepared for the ride, for what Mann’s prose contain are likely to go against what most of us have been taught in school and what mainstream society holds as true. What … read the rest...


movie day followed by late-night planetarium show!

Yesterday was such a weird day. We woke up and the wind was just rocking us back and forth violently. We knew from the moment we opened our eyes that it was going to be hard to get any boat projects done. So, we decided to stay in bed, something we had not done in approximately 2 years. We watched movies, read and relaxed for the whole day.

At around 5pm, our friend Rob came to see if wanted to … read the rest...


A storm decides our plan

11/11/11 was a lucky day for us. At around 10:00 am we called Chris to ask him if he was going to pick us up and he responded that Vern, a cool guy who has been in the boat repair business for over 50 years and a dear friend of Chris, had been working on the transmission since 7am and were on their way. Chris jumped right to work, swearing his whole way down the lazarette. Jax helped Chris, while … read the rest...


What really went wrong with our transmission…

We’re making a bit of progress here folks. Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement, advice and good attitudes.

Picking up where Caye left off. Around 9:30am, I had the cockpit locker/lazarette completely cleared of all life jackets, lumber, funnels, empty oil containers, rags, ropes, etc. and with some instructions from Chris in mind, started disconnecting the transmission/bell housing from our engine block. I had found very few illustrated guides while online yesterday, so decided to take lots of photos … read the rest...


48 hours in the engine room

As an outsider of the project, I can only tell you a brief overview of our last 48 hours. For juicy engine details, part names, company calls, mechanic talk, Jax will have to fill you in once he is done taking our engine out. Yes, my dearest readers we have to take our engine out!

Okay, so a quick update of our last three days… It all started five years ago, when a very irresponsible shipyard in Sturgeon Bay,WI, hired … read the rest...


Notice some changes?

Yep, we have changed!! For a while Jax and I had been contemplating changing our busy blog to something more simply, but never got around to it, until these last two days. If you read Jaxon’s last post, you know we have been having engine problems… to say the least. So, I was done doing everything I could in the cabin, doing some work, cooking for three days, standing on my head, planing the next two weeks of our life, … read the rest...

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