November 2011

Winterizing ourselves, change of plans!

So, what we thought was a sure option, going to Florida, fell through at least for another week. So, we will stay here. The weather will be cold but we will survive! Today, we are gonna go work in a coffee shop, draw, do some art and explore the area! Jax and I have to do some Christmas shopping, while Morgan and Jena de-worm their puppy – awkward. So, plans have changed, but that’s okay – winter clothes are on … read the rest...


Winterizing the boat, heading to Florida

There is not much to tell you guys today. We woke up and hung out with our friends, Jena and Morgan, on the boat, working and trying to decide our next steps. The weather will be 50˚F, 10˚C, for about a week. We could wait and go cruising after the cold wave for a couple of days or we could drive to South Florida where it is in the high 70˚F, 21˚C – we decided to go with Florida. After … read the rest...


Chillaxing at Dog River Marina with Hank

Well my friends, we have been relaxing to the maximum degree these last couple of days. The weather has not been on our side and it will not be for another week or so. Morgan, Jena, Jax and I are contemplating driving to Florida and continue the chillax session there. Plans are still in the works, so I wont go into too much unknown detail here.

However, I will tell you, that Morgan and Jena have the most well-behaved puppy … read the rest...


Locking through, a brief tutorial on lock edicate and maneuvering

Before our journey from Chicago, IL to Mobile, AL, the idea of traversing 40+ locks was daunting. Now, after locking through all of them in different times of  day/night and types of weather, we have realized that not knowing what to expect can make locks scarier than they actually are. So below, we have included some advice based on our own experiences.

When approaching the lock, hail them through the VHF radio. We found that the hailing channel used changes … read the rest...


overwhelming sea and tiger in our car

We have been in Mobile Bay for a day and half. What we thought would bring a huge feeling of accomplishment, has become an ocean of uncertainty. We left our anchorage at around 8am, with a Southeast wind on our bow, the waves were present yet not intimidating. Within a couple hours we were in Mobile Bay, which is nothing like we expected. The international port, what appeared to be a robotically controlled operation was flooded with HUGE cargo ships. … read the rest...


Feeling the ocean breeze

Another 4am morning today, third in a row. The fog was heavy again – heavier than yesterday. We were docked near a Canadian trawler, Last Chance, who was also awake early. We decided to sail the 3 miles to the lock together, relying on their instruments to get through the fog. By the time we arrived at the lock, the fog was so thick that the lockmaster decided to pause all locking until it lifted.

Taking advantage of the break … read the rest...


Sailing 100 miles, 14 hours on Thanksgiving

Today was the big day – our first “century”. We spent last night near a Coast Guard cutter station in Demopolis, AL. The next morning we were up at 4am for the second day in a row. Shortly after, we were on deck, in 30* temperatures, a flawless starry sky above and ready to get wet and muddy. Anchors stowed and transmission coaxed into forward, we headed out into a deep fog.

The morning’s fog lasted for three hours. In … read the rest...


What Inspired Us To Take Off

As recent young graduates, Jax and I are often asked why we decided to go sailing? And how can we afford it? Below I (Caye) will attempt to answer these questions (With Jaxon’s input, of course)

The night of the third day we had known each other and my third day at Beloit College, Jax and I decided he was going to wait for me to graduate (he was a junior and I was a freshman) and sail the world. … read the rest...


Tiger in our boat

If you are a regular reader here or at, you may have noticed a few quick hints about a meetup we have been planning. Well it’s true and it’s happening! We are mere three or four days away from our respective romps through the continent colliding in Mobile, AL. Jena and Morgan of tigerinourcar fame will be parking their Prius-converted-to-mini-RV and joining us for a week or two of cruising. They’ve been road-tripping North America for a a few … read the rest...


We are flying! Estamos volando!

Our last update was mid-evening two days ago. To recap, the anchorage we wanted was too shallow, so we had to night-sail for 2 hours or so. We ended up finding another anchorage in about half the distance we thought we would need and dropped anchor around 8:00pm – it felt like 10pm with the 3 preceding hours of darkness and tiredness from waking at 4am.

The following day (yesterday) was a short one. We had the option to travel … read the rest...


Heading South Fast

Our last two days have brought with them some change. For starters, we are in semi-warm humid weather, big plus. Second, due to the large spacing in between adequate anchorage, we are putting in very long days – 13+ hours. We have entered the Tombigbee River and finally we are using Señor Tutti again, our auto pilot, whose main goal is to hold the tiller straight, giving our hands a break and making our trip more efficient. Regardless of the … read the rest...


1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created by Charles C. Mann

After finishing 1491, New Revelations of the Americas, Charles C. Mann’s previous work, I was anxious to start 1493, Uncovering the New World Columbus Created. 1491, left me so satisfied with it’s revelations that challenged my thinking, that I craved more of Mann’s exploratory writing. On a sailor’s budget, Jax and I do not usually buy audiobooks, rather we download them for free from the public domain website LibriVox, which contains more than 5,000 classics – highly … read the rest...


Create your own business cards – DIY

When Jax and I finally came to terms with the fact that we would need “business” cards when cruising, we decided we wanted to do something different than just order a bunch from a random company. We looked at having some made out of recycled paper, but the cost was too high for what they were. After eating cereal one morning, we realized that the cardboard of cereal boxes would make pretty classy business card material. So, that afternoon we … read the rest...

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