Jackson’s birthday


For Jax’s birthday we chillaxed. We headed into town early in the morning because Tristan was leaving and wanted to have breakfast before his big bike race in Green Bay. So we went to our favorite coffee shop, The Kick. They have awesome food, free wifi and fair trade coffee. There, Jax and I stayed until 3 pm working and doing various things online. Then we came to the boat, picked up our solar shower and went over to Wave Dancer to shower. Today was the first time since we got to our boat that we were able to shower with warm water, or at least half the time.

Living aboard makes me appreciate so many things I took for granted while living on land, such as having running hot water, a laundry machine near and electricity. At the same time I think I like more my current life, it is more interesting because we have to come up with creative ways to take warm showers and appreciate every drop and we are now more conscious of what goes into the laundry bag. Electricity on the other hand is a pain! Specially because we have two solar panels that are not hooked up!

After our half warm and cold shower we came home and I cut Jaxon’s hair while he read “Logbook for Grace” out loud. Then we made another quick stop in town to get some much needed ice for the cooler, aka refrigerator, water and grocceries. Now we are sitting home writing some words for you and reading about hedgehog diarrhea.

Mochis has not been feeling very well lately. It is common for hedgies to get diarrhea when introduced to new environments, however Mochis has never presented any stress symptoms in our travels before. So, we do not know if it stress or the new crickets we got for her. I bet she’ll get better soon, however my only concern right now is that she has had the same symptoms for the last three days and I am worried she might be dehydrated. So tonight I have prepared her some re-hydrating water, which contains a tiny bit of salt, sugar and water. I will try that and some natural vitamin C, hopefully she will want any of it.

The plan for tonight, as it currently stands, is to make popcorn or papocorno, how we call it, with olive oil, Parmesan cheese, nutritional yeast and red pepper and watch a movie. A relaxed day for the birthday of the prefect man, just what he wanted. The reality is that we don’t have to do anything exciting for this year’s bdays because the truth is that our life is so interesting and we are living our dream! There is not one thing we would change about our lives! We are healthy, we adore each other, we have easy going relationships with our loved ones, we are making the best out of our lives.