What an amazing day! we woke up early in the morning, after a night of very little sleep, ready to take off to our Ranger 28. On our way there we stopped for gas. By 8 am we were in the boat making sure the deck was clear and the paint available for touch up. At 8:15am transportation arrived. Jax and I sat there observing every move the transportation guys were making, trying to absorb as much information as we could. About 30 min later the boat was on its way out! We followed her until the marina and there we did as we were told, with very little experience we were at the mercy of those more knowledgeable than us, at least until Charlie arrived.

The guys at Yacht Works, Sister Bay, were amazing! what a cool crew! they were ready to teach us stuff as it came up. As young sailors, we off course forgot all our tools in the boat, not only that, we also left inside the spreaders, wind vane and antenna. Arnie, the mast master, climbed to our boat to get the stuff we forgot! which was so nice of him. Jax and I started cleaning the mast, which was infested with spiders! soon after, Charlie and Carl, a Yacht Works staff and experienced sailor, arrived and between Arnie and them we had all the knowledge we needed.

The first time the Ranger 28 went in the water Jax climbed on board and notice a leak coming from the seal between the thru-hull and the inside of the hull. So, we had to pull her out of the water so that Jax could fix it. Which meant crawling into the engine compartment underneath the cockpit, taking out the thru-hull, sanding the surrounding and filling it with 5200, a special type of glue. After that the boat was successfully launched. The mast was stepped the sails were bent.

When we were all done it was 4pm, so we decided to take her to Egg Creek and do the rest of the trip to Sturgeon Bay tomorrow. And so we did, both Jax and I got to steer the boat, control lines and learn a lot from Charlie who was constantly giving us important information about the sailing world. At around 6pm we arrived to Egg Creek, left our beautiful home in a slip and went out for a celebration dinner with Charlie and Susan, which was extra delicious.