The Planning


OK so something to take note of when having a blog is, priorities, obviously. Since June 25th we have not sat down and written anything. This is due to priorities! Every day blogging would be on our to do list, but as work got more intense relaxing at night took priority. But now that we might be getting a boat, Ranger 28, we want to make sure we blog about it. There are so many projects that go into a boat.

So, as Jackson mentioned before there is the possibility that we might be getting a very good deal on a Ranger 28. So today, Thursday, only one day after speaking with the owner of the boat we are re-arranging our lives to make sure we can go check the boat out in Sister Bay WI. Fortunately we were already planning on being by Green Bay Saturday, for Jaxon’s cousin wedding that we are filming. So this is the tentative schedule.

DAY 1, Thursday: Drive to Spring Green to The American Players Theater to watch “The Taming of the Shrew”. Mark and Ellen (Jaxon’s parents) have been taking Jaxon to this theater his whole life. I have been there with them five times already and every time it is an amazing experience! The theater is out in the middle of the woods. It is shaped like a coliseum, it seats about 200 people. The plays are only from Shakespeare and the actors are pretty fantastic. I’m excited to see their adaptation of “The Taming of the Shrew” because that subject can be somewhat controversial now a days. Then we’ll drive to their house to spend the night.

DAY 2, Friday: Drive up to Green Bay for Kelly and Maxx’s rehearsal dinner. We will be filming the event so we need to be there to plan some cool shots. The school, Beloit College, is letting us borrow their big Panasonic HD for the wedding. So we will both have pretty nice cameras :). After the dinner we will drive to Egg Harbor to spend the night at Jaxon’s uncles house. His uncle and aunt Charlie and Susan own a sailboat in Egg harbor and have been sailing the majority of their lives. Their home is only 30 min away from Sister Bay, where the potential sailboat lies.

DAY 3, Saturday: Wake up early and drive up to Sister Bay, spend some quality time with the potential Ranger 28 and drive down to Green Bay for Kelly’s wedding. That night drive to Ellen and Mark’s again to spend the night.

DAY 4, Sunday: Drive down to Beloit.